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Click here to watch a short video on how to use mediaCONNECT or here for a brochure abour our services!


What is mediaCONNECT?
mediaCONNECT is a collection of physical and streamed media from a variety of sources.

Streamed Resources
- Middle School and High School educators and students have access to streaming media from Discovery Streaming, NBC Archives, Learn 360, VITAL, Soundzabound, and our own collection of streamed videos.

- Elementary educators have access to Learn 360, VITAL, Soundzabound, and our own collection of streamed videos.

Physical Resources
- Educators are available to borrow physical media such as DVDs, VHS tapes, audio books, photo collections, sheet music, and much more!

mediaCONNECT is an invaluable instructional resource for your teachers and students!

For more information about the mediaCONNECT service, please contact:

Amy Spath
E-Learning Coordinator
(315) 433-8332
Lee Sweet
Media Scheduling
(315) 433-2647
Chris Kaleta
Library Media Specialist
(315) 431-8554
Eric Smith
Film Inspector
(315) 431-8573

Streaming Media Power Users

2013-2014 School Year Power Users

Educators Students
  1. Clar Wilkinson (OCM BOCES)
  2. Stephen Cass (Ithaca)
  3. Luke Tatusko (OCM BOCES)
  4. Katherine Dolbear (ESM)
  5. Elizabeth Shatraw (Tully)
  6. Leo Brown (Jamesville- Dewitt)
  7. Matt Heyn (Fabius Pompey)
  8. Amy Sibert (FM)
  9. Joe Gibbons (ESM)
  10. Timothy Hummell (OCM BOCES)
  1.  Onondaga Hill MS Students (Westhill)
  2. CNS HS Students (North Syracuse)
  3. Wellwood MS Students (FM)
  4. Dryden MS/HS Students (Dryden)
  5. Eagle Hill MS Students (FM)
  6. FM HS Students (FM)
  7. Homer HS Students (Homer)
  8. Tully HS Students (Tully)
  9. ESM HS Students (ESM)
  10. Chittenango HS Students (Chittenango)

Summer professional development opportunities!
(click on the date to register)

Discovery Streaming - More than Just Streaming Media!
Tuesday, August 5
8:30AM - 11:30AM
Location - CNYRIC
This half day workshop will focus on the many resources available for you and your students through Discovery Streaming. We will:

  • Create a Classroom
  • Use builder tools (Board Builder, Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder)to engage your students
  • User the My Content to keep track of your favorite Discovery Education media
  • Look at Discovery as a Student
  • Learn ways to integrate media into curriculum
Using mediaCONNECT Resources to Create Your Own Videos
Wednesday, August 13
8:30AM - 3:30PM
Location - CNYRIC
Learn about how you and your students can add and manipulate media available through mediaCONNECT to make instructional videos for your classroom. We will also look at using the media (streaming videos and royalty free music) through your mobile devices and use apps to create your own videos.

Timely Topic Kits are designed to assist you with your instruction and support student achievement.
- Each video kit contains titles relevant to the season or the activities commonly focused on during the period, such as holidays.
- For your convenience, you can find them in your building’s library, where they remain approximately one month.

Click on the Timely Topics link below for each kit to see the contents of the kit.

September Timely Topics K300
October Timely Topics K301
November Timely Topics K302
Winter Timely Topics K303
December Timely Topics K304
February Timely Topics K305
Spring Timely Topics K306
Summer Timely Topics K307

 Any participating schools may request that a program be recorded from any of the Time Warner Cable channels except for those listed as Pay-Per-View or Premium.

How do I request that a program be recorded (i.e., off-air taping)?

- First, get the details of the program that you want recorded. For information on potential programs, look at some listings HERE.
- For a complete listing of available channels click HERE.
- Once you have found the program you want recorded fill out a request form. Filling out the form completely makes it easier to get the recording set up.
- Please make your requests 24 hours prior to the shows air time. If the show is airing in less than 24 hours please contact Eric Smith - 315-431-8573 to ensure we can setup the recording for you.

Guidelines for Off-Air Recording (Recording Broadcast Programming)


Check out these great free resources to videos, learning about copyright and other media related topics!

Common Sense Media

Graphite - Common Sense Media's new free service designed to help K-12 educators discover, use, and share the best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula for your classrooms.

Regents Review Live!

ArtBabble For Educators

Annenberg Learner

Free Teacher Resources from Discovery

History for Music Lovers YouTube Channel

U.S. National Archives YouTube Channel

Soundzabound Royalty Free "Free Music"

 Outstanding Web resources for Teachers and Student to Learn about Copyright Issues

Teaching Channel Videos

Additional resources coming soon....


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